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We inspire learning through ...

In-House Training and Development

  • Tailored to your business needs. Nothing “off the shelf”.
  • Huge customer satisfaction rating: 100% recommend to others and 80% repeat business.
  • Learning by doing, as well as by listening – in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Practical; tools, tips and techniques that can be immediately applied.
  • Focused on issues rather than topics: turning problems into solutions.
  • Full set of support materials for each participant.
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Clients we work with ...
We inspire learning through ...

One-To-One Coaching

  • Personalised; targeted on each individual’s needs and preferences.
  • Transformational: usually results in significant, positive and lasting change for the individual.
  • Quick: often lifetime issues, blocks and unhelpful habits can be changed in a matter of hours.
  • Safe and secure: all conversations entirely confidential.
  • Your personal life support system: we offer a retainer option which allows you to access your coach on a 24/7 basis – anytime, anywhere, any issue.
  • High client satisfaction – see testimonial videos below
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Clients we work with ...
We inspire learning through ...

Consultancy and Troubleshooting

  • Your shortcut to wisdom: Over 30 years in business, we often have experience of solutions seen elsewhere that might not be apparent, but may be perfect for you.
  • Block-busting: Organisations often have great plans, which may never be fully realised – mainly due to unforeseen blockages or barriers. We help you to unblock and free up so that progress can be made.
  • Insightful: You have the skills and resources to follow through on any solution. But you may not be able to see the solution in the first place. That’s what we provide.
  • Cost effective: Buy one day of our time and enjoy many years of potential advantage.
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Our Testimonials


“Superb! Inspirational! Very well done”

“Brilliant!  I could really relate to him and what he was saying.  I wish I’d known some of this stuff before”

“I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. Following your course I went from strength to strength. I am happy in my new post managing my team and having great fun”

“I absolutely loved the day and found the material very relevant and thought-provoking. It has already helped me in so many ways. Hopefully you will return again with more training for us”

“Well presented, and valued the whole day. Could do with more training like this”

“This has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve learned so much…thank you”

“This is what learning is all about. Creating an energising, exhilarating, and refreshing learning environment that helps people learn”

“Another really great training course that I found thought provoking and extremely useful in my role.  I have taken lots of notes and with the slides want to share this learning with my team as I feel it is such relevant and valuable learning”

Why choose us?

We have over 25 years experience as a trusted UK provider of management training and development, leadership, team and staff training courses. Our training skills will help to develop your individuals, managers, teams and leaders to allow your business to flourish.

About Arnie

Our Managing Director has over 30 years experience as a Development and Leadership Trainer and Coach.

Arnie was born in Manchester, and brought up in the Lake District. He has walked most of the Wainwright fells. He is a graduate of Cambridge University and a Master Trainer in NLP. Arnie is passionately committed to personal and organisational development, in particular:

  • How to help individuals, groups and organisations make a positive difference
  • How to convert principles and values into specific individual behaviours
  • How to recognise and remove blockages to individual and organisational learning and action
  • How to generate sustained commitment, so that any change becomes lasting and embedded

Away from work, Arnie cycled coast to coast in 2012, ran the London Marathon in 2013 and a year later ran the Arctic half-marathon.  He has been awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship for his contribution to charity fundraising.

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Clients we work with ...
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